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A reoccurring theme that happens when an artists signs artists under them is the fact that they aren’t able to receive the appropriate amount of exposure needed to stand alone and have their own prosperous career.  Some aren’t even able to release their own material as the artist above them is given top priority.

Artists such as Obie Trice and M.O.P. have been victims to such instances and now Chicago rapper Shawna joins the ranks.  In order to possibly save her potential, she has parted ways with Ludacris and Disturbing the Peace to align herself with the radio hit maker T-Pain.

Reports have shown that the female MC is now a soldier of Nappy Boy Entertainment as T-Pain made the announcement during an event at a homecoming in Illinois.

“I decided to do it and I just signed somebody from Chicago,” Pain stated.

Shortly after, Shawna hit the stage as the two performed a track together.

Earlier indication started to bubble after a track titled “Dope” was released from his upcoming project “Revolver” which featured Shawna.  Her intro before the verse makes it clear that she has joined the team.

“It ain’t no secret that lyrically I’m the reason Nappy Boy had to put me on their team,” Shawna stated.

Ludacris may, however, not be up to speed as he was questioned Friday and had stated that everything was strictly just a rumor and there were no concrete facts on the situation.  Keep in mind that the two were in the process of prepping their collab album Battle of the Sexes.

While under the DTP imprint, Shawna has released Worth tha Weight and Block Music. As her last album was back in 2006, it has been a grip since even a whisper was heard from the rapper.  It’s now 2009 and a lot has happened, there’s a Black president in office in the United States.

Whatever the case may be, hopefully the rapper will be able to make her return and be aware that signing to T-Pain doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get burn.  Popular artists can never really step outside of the spotlight and give others a time to shine.