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In the history of yesterday, not meaning Monday, for Hip-Hop a problem that had existed within the boundaries of the West Coast was the inability of rappers to co-exist and get along with one another.  Bringing the West back has been quite a hassle and a tough toad to climb as their gang-affiliations have caused them to promote a particular image which has created barriers instead of bridges.

Around December 2006 pent up aggression resulted in a physical altercation between rappers The Game and Ras Kass where Kass was on the receiving end of a fist to the face.  The incident came to a boil over a freestyle where The Game made accusations that Kass was making reference to his son in his lyrics.

It would seem that three years has been enough time for the swelling to come down and emotions to heal.  Chopping it up with Street Disciplez Radio, Kass spoke on what was and what is now on his perspective of The Game.

“Our basic issue was that some n*ggas brown nosed the n*ggas because he was very successful,” Ras said in a phone interview. “I just knew his pedigree, I knew his background…He’s a stripper and he had blue contacts and blond hair, he got beat up a lot. Yeah, he had a tongue ring. You know, ‘Change of Heart,’ he didn’t have a tattoo, he had a Hawaiin shirt…That speaks volumes, I could see if that was like seven years ago but that was like, two years before he came out as the hardest n*gga on Earth. I was just like come on man, I’m not falling for it. A lot of n*ggas wasn’t falling for it but n*ggas like to play the politics groupie game and they stay brown nosing n*ggas that’s successful and because of the position 50 [Cent] put him in, since 50 didn’t have anything else to do at the time, and obviously he saw the ear of that [laughs] real quick. He put this n*gga on, he took off and then showed his true colors. 50 didn’t know his background, he was just a n*gga in the studio signed to [Dr.] Dre. He was a n*gga that could rap, not incredibly, but he could rap.”

This would not be the first time his credibility was brought to the forefront as 50 Cent publicly aired out his formers soldier’s laundry in their beef some time ago.  Considered to be bi-polar, sometimes it’s hard to put a finger on where the Game’s head is at as he goes back and forth from thug to Mr. Sensitivity.

The idea of Detox seems to be the bridge that is bringing rappers together and might be the necessary outlet in order to restore order on the West side otherwise it will continue to be spoken of in past tense as to that it once was.

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