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Looks like time away has made Lil Wayne nostalgic to yesterday as he prepares to enter the ring once again in the mixtape circuit.

Wayne made the official announcement through Twitter that he was making the return to his breeding grounds that catapulted his exposure to the mainstream and made it a concrete fact that Weezy was an animal behind the mic.


With his recent transition to Rock, fans have been placing doubt about the man known as the rapper eater feeling as though his rhymes have become more elementary and absurd since The Carter III turned him into an international star.

It might be time to show the doubters that he still has it as he has much to prove now.

No autotune?  No features?  It feels as though Lil Wayne is jumping into the Delorian to go back to 2007 when he was ripping industry beats to pieces and making artists’ actual songs much better than when they decided to release it to the masses.

Wrapped up with a big bow, The Drought Series has featured three installments as it has competed with his other series, The Dedication, with DJ Drama.

His rapid work ethic has been noticed as Vibe Magazine ranked a list of 77 songs that the rapper was on in 2007 alone.  MTV also took notice as they acknowledged him as the Hottest MC In The Game without even dropping an album.

The icing on the cake came when the New Yorker magazine ranking him “Rapper of the Year and GQ game him the title of “Workaholic of the Year.”

Whether it be the weed or the codeine, the rapper has been speeding since then as he has been on tour promoting himself as well as his Young Money artists.

2009 has been a year with a grocery list of hot songs and singles from artists across the country.  The problem for them now is, which of their songs will be chosen to be obliterated once Wayne steps behind the microphone?

Rappers watch out, they let the Louisianimal out the cage