best rapper alive

For the second day in a row, the great debate on whether Iggy Azalea’s short but visible career should be considered for game changer status. The Australia rapper took exception to Twitter reactions sparked by us after she bigged up her cultural impact in a recent GQ interview. Barring a few obvious selections (Outkast, Eminem, […]

Say what you will about Soula Boy; He killed Hip Hop with all the dancing.  He dumbed the music down and made substance obsolete with less than mediocre lyrics.  The fact that he even considers himself a rapper is a laughing matter. No matter what darts people have to throw at the young entertainer, the […]

Looks like time away has made Lil Wayne nostalgic to yesterday as he prepares to enter the ring once again in the mixtape circuit. Wayne made the official announcement through Twitter that he was making the return to his breeding grounds that catapulted his exposure to the mainstream and made it a concrete fact that […]