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Say what you will about Soula Boy; He killed Hip Hop with all the dancing.  He dumbed the music down and made substance obsolete with less than mediocre lyrics.  The fact that he even considers himself a rapper is a laughing matter.

No matter what darts people have to throw at the young entertainer, the point still stands that he is still in the game and is in the process of releasing his third official album The DeAndre Way.

Set to drop in April, there has been word that the “Crank Dat” hitmaker has tapped the likes of Snoop Dogg and Kanye West to assist him in crafting his upcoming project. 

Usually strictly for the dance aspect, after the release of his second album, Soulja Boy made the decision to place more focus on actual lyrics as he has made an attempt to step his pen game up on tracks such as “Ice Cream Paint Job” with Dorrough and “Pronto” off of Snoop Dogg’s Malice N Wonderland.

Speaking with RealTalkNY, the Chicago born, Atlanta bred gave more depth to his upcoming effort.

I don’t have specific songs that I say are gonna be album choice.  BUT I have a million songs on Studio Drive and out of those million I know, at least, a thousand of them are Global #1 smashes.” 

He added that unlike his previous two studio albums, this offering will show the rapper reinvented and how he intends to put himself into the race of becoming the best rapper.

“This album will show me evolving into [one] of the industry’s next best rappers.  I always Fawked with this music game because it’s a competition, you got to PROVE YOURSELF.  That’s exactly what I’m doing and getting rich at the same time.” 

Some people look at such words and laugh when associated with an act such as Soulja Boy, but the fact of the matter is that he’s still standing and growing in popularity.  Time will only tell exactly how his potential will bloom while in the game.