Soulja Boy – “My Life” [Video] Peep Soulja Boy promoting his new album “The DeAndre Way”  which dropped Tuesday. The saga continues

Say what you will about Soula Boy; He killed Hip Hop with all the dancing.  He dumbed the music down and made substance obsolete with less than mediocre lyrics.  The fact that he even considers himself a rapper is a laughing matter. No matter what darts people have to throw at the young entertainer, the […]

As Gucci has been on the path to taking over the scene in the Southern scheme of Hip-Hop, rappers have been on the grind to hold onto their position. With Lil Wayne dealing with a possible year behind bars, his grind may have gone into overdrive with the No Ceilings mixtape.  His upcoming return to […]

Although people have continued to place their doubt on the rapper that made everyone “Crank Dat,” Soulja Boy continues to remain relevant in Hip-Hop.  Already two albums in, he has begun preparation for his third album, The DeAndre Way. Soulja must be aiming for the fences this time around as he has voiced that he […]