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The rise to fame of Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy will soon be played out on the big screen.

In a recent interview with, the polarizing rapper revealed that he would portray himself in an autobiographical film entitled DeAndre Way.

The rapper says the idea to make a film about his ascension has been in the works for a while now,

“These people have been pitching me this movie idea for so long, and now I am letting them orchestrate my art and tell my story and let people see it on the big screen.”

Soulja reveals that the movie is deeper than rap, being more about his personal success story than his music.

In the movie – and his next album of the same name – Soulja promises to give fans insight in to the inter working of the man behind the music.

“A lot of people say ‘Soulja Boy is a one hit wonder, and he’s luck, says Soulja Boy. It’s not even about music. It’s about a success story, but it’s a true story from the bottom to the top, a true success story.”

I am becoming more personal and more real and telling people about my life as a human being, not as a super star. I think all my fans, no, I know all my fans are going to feel that.”

Soulja Boy’s third album The DeAndre Way hits shelves November 30 and features collabos with Trey Songz, Lil B., Bei Maejor, Esther Dean and 50 Cent and the singles “Pretty Boy Swag” and “Speakers Going Hammer.”

The movie is scheduled to hit theaters in 2011.