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Marvel Cinematic Universe fans didn’t know what to make of Julia Louis-Dreyfus appearing as Val at the end of Black Widow, but apparently, Marvel Studios has some big plans for her character, namely becoming Nick Fury’s successor.

According to TheDirect, Marvel Studios confirmed that Dreyfus’ Val will be running around the MCU recruiting superheroes and enhanced humans to form her own team a la Nick Fury, just as he recruited Iron Man, Captain America, and everyone else to his Avengers initiative. Speaking To The Direct, executive producer Nate Moore broke down how Val will be playing her role in the MCU going forward.

“The Countess Valentina Allegra de Fontaine is a character that has a rich publication history… and to some degree, figuring out who can fill those shoes, which in our mind is in a way taking the reins from Nick Fury, was tough. But when we thought of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, there was a fun energy to her that immediately you realize this person has a weight and a gravity, but they’re not the same as Nick Fury. It’s a completely different energy.”

Wait, does that mean that Marvel is planning on killing off Nick Fury?! We know he doesn’t have any real superpowers but come on, man! Though he hasn’t been exactly present in many recent MCU films and series, it’s still good to know he’s in the background ready to put that work in when the next extinction-level event is poised to pop off.

Still, it seems like Val’s going to be getting a lot of screentime in future projects as they’re trying to turn Val into “a new leader… in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

Who exactly will Val be leading into the next phase of the MCU? That’s the big question. With many characters still waiting to make their MCU debuts such as Blade, Deadpool, and others, it should be interesting to see if they’re on her list of possible draft picks. Could she be leading the Thunderbolts that Marvel says will be coming soon? Could she lead a West Coast Avengers team? Guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

What do y’all think of Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s Val in the MCU? Let us know in the comments section below.

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