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Former Detective Greg Kading Clarifies His Explosive Claims Regarding The Murder Of The Notorious B.I.G.

Greg Kading is a former LAPD Detective that decided to use what he learned during three years of investigating the murder of Christopher Wallace  to write the book Murder Rap: The Untold Story of the Biggie Smalls & Tupac Shakur Murder Investigations.

Kading spoke with and clarified his statements that contradict investigator Russell Poole’s theory that former officers David Mack and Rafael Perez were behind the shooting of Voletta Wallace’s son.

Kading says that Poole was correct that Suge Knight was involved in the hit and that one of his babymothers assigned the killer.

DX: So who do you believe was that lone person in that car who did the shooting?

Greg Kading: We believe it’s a guy named Poochie, who was a Blood affiliate of Suge Knight’s. His [given name is] Wardell Fouse.

DX: You believe he did the shooting himself?

Greg Kading: I do believe that. I don’t believe that he was there completely alone though. We have no idea who might’ve been helping him. And maybe there was this lone Nation Of Islam guy, that Eugene Deal pointed out, that was acting as a spotter, or somehow tried to help coordinate it. But I don’t believe that some guy in the Nation Of Islam was the shooter.

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