One of the culture’s literary pioneers is sharing her journey with the world. dream hampton has released the trailer to her new documentary, It Was All A Dream.


A new Notorious B.I.G. statue is unveiled in Brooklyn. It's nine-feet tall, solar powered and plays Biggie's songs.


Fans think Biggie Smalls is rolling in his grave.


Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G., and Michael Jackson have been gone in spirit for quite some time. But we’re still learning new things about their time in the game seemingly every year and the latest tidbit is quite the eye-opener.


The Rap King of New York’s royalty has once again been certified. Christopher Wallace’s regal headwear just got sold for half a milli.

More often than not, rap music and drugs go hand in hand. For one reason or another, marijuana in particular, seems to be the choice high for many of our favorite MCs.

Some of the most gifted rappers we know and love today have been diagnosed with asthma. Although we have a tendency to regard this kind of disease as something of little to no consequence, it is still, in fact, a respiratory condition that is incurable.

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The latest issue of New York magazine is its 4th annual “Yesteryear Issue” dedicated to a century of Pop music in New York City. Of course, you can’t mention NYC music without Hip-Hop and the mag’s has a number of cover variants including vintage photos of Jay Z & the Notorious B.I.G. 

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It’s less than 24 hours since Diddy launched his next big media venture, and already the Twitterverse has made Revolt TV a trending topic worldwide. Is the new music-infused cable network worth all the hype?

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It truly hard to say goodbye to yesterday. Since Hip-Hop was birthed in the South Bronx, way countless individuals who repped the culture have passed away. Included in that bunch are rappers who left us entirely too soon and before reaching their true potential.

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Back in the dark ages when people respected politicians, they’d often be photographed holding babies and tenderly kissing their cheeks to show how humane they were. This is nothing like that.


The fantasy of making money on the streets has always appealed to the Hip-Hop community, so it is no surprise that a large percentage of rappers talk about moving work in their rhymes. But as we all know by now, most of these claims fall into the “it’s only entertainment” category. On the other side […]