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It’s less than 24 hours since Diddy launched his next big media venture, and already the Twitterverse has made Revolt TV a trending topic worldwide. Is the new music-infused cable network worth all the hype?

The Hip-Hop mogul traversed all over New York for his final push before unveiling his new TV network, hitting radio stations and popular websites. During his celebrated run, the man best known as Puff Daddy explained why his latest effort would change the landscape of how music is perceived on television. “In like five years, television will be everywhere,” he says. “It will be on your mobile devices, it will be everywhere. It will be worldwide.”

Aiming to be the “ESPN of Music,” the Harlemite’s game-changing channel has already gripped the attention of audiophiles. We scoured your Twitter timelines to bring the 20 Best Twitter Thoughts about Diddy’s Revolt TV.

Photo: Revolt TV

We’ll start off the Twitter-evolution right with the one, the only DJ Mick Boogie, below:

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