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Stranger Things Writers Deny Retroactively Editing Older Episodes

Source: Courtesy of Netflix / Stranger Things

The writers for Stranger Things are calling CAP on claims they are retroactively editing older episodes.

Stranger Things Is NOT Retroactively Editing Episodes

A rumor was floating around that the show’s creators returned and re-edited a scene from an older episode of the insanely popular Netflix series. Reputable style bible, GQ wrote a whole story around the rumor with the title “Netflix retroactively editing Stranger Things is the beginning of a dangerous TV trend,” and now had to update their piece.

The writers on the show responded to the claim and dunked on GQ via the Stranger Things Writers’ Twitter account, writing in a tweet:

“It’s hilarious that an article bashing the show for retroactively editing a scene (based off a false TikTok rumor) has now had to retroactively edit their own article. Oops.” 

In a previous tweet, the Stranger Writers doubled down on their stance using a gif from the show, writing in the tweet’s caption, “PSA: no scenes from previous seasons have ever been cut or re-edited. And they never will be.”

GQ’s article was based on an internet rumor claiming that show’s creators went back in re-edited a scene from season one where “in which Jonathan photographs Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer) without her knowledge,” Deadline reports.
Fans initially believed the scene where Jonathan continued to snap photos of Nancy while she was undressing “had been retroactively cut” to remove creepy behavior. That was not the case, per the Stranger Things writers.
Following the tweets, GQ updated its article, stating:
“Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that a season one episode of Stranger Things had been edited retroactively to remove a shot of Jonathan photographing Nancy while she was changing.”
It looks like GQ jumped the gun on an issue that turned out to be nothing.
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix / Stranger Things