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Ice And Coco Publish Books

Ice-T and his wife Nicole ‘Coco’ Austin are more than just a power couple, they’re now published authors.

The Ts recently revealed to the New York Daily News that they both published novels with the help of assigned authors who brought their visions” to life.

Ice’s book is titled “Kings of Vice”and follows an ex-con’s journey back onto the street while Coco’s book, Coco’s “Angel” is an erotic mystery.

Speaking on her book with the NYDN, Coco says that she relayed her dreams to author Laura Hayden who tells the story of a woman with the supernatural ability to channel men’s desires and uses it to solve mysteries.

“Mine came to me in a dream,” Coco says of her plan for the book.I always have crazy dreams. I wake up and tell my husband these amazing stories, but sometimes I just don’t want to wake up.

“When you can be that perfect woman for a man, you can get inside his head and solve anything.For Ice, I am that perfect woman. I’ve turned into what he wants.”

Ice also explained how he got his concept for “Kings Of Vice” telling The New York Daily News, the idea largely came after seeing the 1979 film “Warriors”where the most powerful gang leader in New York is shot after calling for all gangs to unite.

“I wrote in a way that Crush’s [the main character’s ]story can go on,” he says. “I’ve already started on the second one.”