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Wiz Khalifa

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Wiz Khalifa is showing that he can admit when he is wrong. He has now formally apologized to the DJ community for his recent outburst against two club DJ’s.

As per XXL the Pittsburgh talent is now saying sorry to all DJ’s worldwide. Last week he was performing tracks from his newest project Multiverse at Poppy nightclub in Los Angeles. During the set he berated DJ Mikey Danger over his alleged struggle skills on the turntables. He got so mad he offered to run the fade. “B*tch-ass ni**a, if you want to fight we can do it,” he said. “Y’all ni**as suck. Don’t hug me, b*tch,” after the DJ tried to hug him. “Play my new sh*t, ni**a. Play it. Play ‘Bad Ass B*tches.'”

Naturally the footage quickly went viral and Wiz soon faced outrage from DJ’s across the world. In a recent appearance on The Breakfast Club he made it clear he was in the wrong. “Well, first of all, I want to apologize to all the DJs and the entire DJ community for my behavior,” he explained. “I do realize that it was a bit much and I’m a big enough man to be like, ‘Yo, that shouldn’t happen. That shouldn’t go down. That’s not how business gets handled and that’s not how you get your point across.’”

He went on to detail that the set was doomed from the jump. “When it came time to be my set, like, actual my five songs, the songs that we gave [the DJ] on the flash drive, it was just a real issue with like, you know, timing. Like firing the songs [and] the cues were wrong,” he said. “It wasn’t going right. The music wasn’t going right. There was people talking over it and, like, I calmly was like you know, let’s get it together guys like I understand but we need to get on the same page.”

Wiz also revealed he plans to reach out to DJ Mikey Danger to personally apologize for acting bad. You can see him discuss the matter below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls