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We all know that rapper Blueface and his (I guess?) girlfriend Chrisean Rock are a walking reality show for older people who miss Jerry Springer and younger folks who need a measuring stick for how toxic their relationship is. But an incident that led to Rock’s arrest earlier this monthafter she was caught on camera throwing hands at the “Respect My Cryppin” rapper—has given her new clarity and she says her days of domestic violence against her man have come to an end. 

A reporter for TMZ caught up with the (again, I guess?) couple at the Los Angeles International Airport on Monday and asked what can be done to make their relationship more stable and less like a Bizarro World Ike and Tina situation (my words, not his), to which Rock responded by saying she vowed “not to hit him in public,” but instead “f**k more.” Of course, the reporter noticed her choice of words “in public” and attempted to press her on it and asked if she’d stop hitting him altogether, to which she replied, “Yeah, because I don’t want to go to jail again.”

The reporter also asked if they were worried another violent situation in their relationship might arise. Rock, of course, said she wasn’t worried while Blueface said (possibly jokingly, but who knows) “I’m worried.” And it was at that point that Rock looked like she might rock him in his face again at any moment.

“You worried?” Rock asked, to which Blueface responded, “I worry every day. I go to sleep at night… shakin’.”

You could see the “I might look OK, but really I’m ’bout to snap” smile on Rock’s face as she responded saying, “Can you stop? He’s just saying dumb sh*t for the camera.” Blueface laughed but Rock didn’t like the joke. “It’s not funny. It’s annoying as shit. I hate when you do this,” she said.

The reporter assured the young couple that arguing was okay before Rock shakily agreed that another physical altercation wouldn’t happen again. Hopefully, he’s OK.