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Radio Host Big Boy Releasing New Book

Cash Money’s book entity and Atria Books is back with a new release, this time focusing on a famed L.A. radio host.

Titled “An XL Life: Staying Big At Half The Size”, their latest release will detail the life of nationally-known radio personality, Big Boy.

Kurt “Big Boy” Alexander is the No. 1 Los Angeles radio host, ten-years running, and one of the most widely known hip hop radio DJs, heard in syndication in on 30 stations around the country.

But Big is known just as much for his wise-cracking on-air antics as he is for his once, 500 pound frame.

Cash Money’s book will tell the story of his dramatic weight loss, and the story of an overweight homeless teen, who overcame guns, gangs and dealing, to become a morbidly obese radio funny-guy sparring regularly with superstars like Will Smith, Barack Obama, Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson.

In it he also tells an inspirational behind-the-scenes tale of how he fought the battle of his life, finding himself near death more than once.

Speaking on the tome, Big’s good friend Will Smith released a statement saying,

“His story is an inspiration to anyone looking, not merely to overcome obstacles, but to absorb, process and actually utilize adversity to their advantage.”

Big’s book will hit stores December 27.