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Pop superstar Lizzo, caused a frenzy among right-wingers who were upset over her playing an antique flute that belonged to President James Madison.

On Monday (Sept. 26), the singer visited the Reading Room at Library of Congress and its archival vault. She was invited by its chief librarian, Carla Hayden who is a noted fan of hers. During the tour, the accomplished flautist got the chance to play a 200-year old flute made of crystal that was once owned by former President James Madison. The flute, which dates back to 1813, was a gift from French flute artisan Claude Laurent.

The fun didn’t stop there, as the “Good as Hell” singer got special permission from Hayden to play the flute during her concert appearance Tuesday night (Sept. 27) at Capitol One Arena. The crowd erupted as she played with the singer reveling in the moment saying “history is freaking cool!” and thanking the Library for the historic opportunity. Security guards & Capitol police officers were on hand to ensure there weren’t any incidents.

But the experience left conservatives irate and unafraid to voice their anger. “Everyone involved in the decision to allow Lizzo to twerk while playing James Madison’s flute needs to be deported,” fumed “America First” backer Andrew McCarthy. “I don’t care if they’re citizens. Deport them somewhere.”

Matt Walsh, noted right-wing author, wrote on Twitter that he perceived Lizzo’s playing of the flute as a deliberate move to antagonize white people. “Lizzo playing James Madison’s flute was a form of racial retribution, according to the woke Left. And I actually have no doubt that this is part of the reason why the Library of Congress facilitated this spectacle,” he wrote.

Another right-wing pundit, Greg Price, tweeted that “They degrade our history and call you racist if you actually value it.”

For many others however, the experience was illuminating. And many were quick to point out the racist overtones of the conservatives, with actor George Takei pointing out the double standard in a tweet: “If you wouldn’t have a problem with Taylor Swift playing Ben Franklin’s piano, you shouldn’t have a problem with Lizzo playing James Madison’s flute.”