Lizzo was the musical guest on the Dec. 17 episode of 'Saturday Night Live.' She also appeared in a sketch about plastic shirts aka plirts.

Lizzo says her music is inspired by the feel-good songs of the '70s & '80s. “[It’s] very hurtful, only because I am a Black woman," she said.

Emmy and Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter, rapper and actor Lizzo was awarded the People’s Champion honor at the People’s Choice Awards which aired live on NBC and E! on Tuesday, Dec. 6. 

Beat Saber, one of the top experiences on Meta Quest, is rolling out a new Lizzo Music Pack for players of the game.


Lizzo’s historic opportunity to play a 200-year-old flute that belonged to former President James Madison was blasted by conservatives online, who saw the experience as a “woke assault” on their values and white people.

After a weekend of trending for reasons beyond her control, Lizzo took the reins during the 2022 Video Music Awards. 

Comedian Aries Spears made a fatphobic remark towards Lizzo but Twitter reacted with love and support for the singer.

What could be more fun than Lizzo in a car with James Corden singing? Um… nothing, according to fans and critics how celebrated the return of the popular streaming show, Carpool Karaoke—that is now airing on Apple+ TV. 

In North America, particularly among Black women, the word “spaz” means to freak out. However, the inclusion of the word on the song, “Grrrls” by Lizzo was not well-received in the United Kingdom where it is known as a common slur against disabled people.

Lizzo was the host and musical guest of the latest episode of SNL, pleasing audiences with her appearance in sketches that saw her as a bold game-show contestant to being a twerking flutist. She also performed two songs from her upcoming album, "About Damn Time" and "Special".