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Lizzo is one of the most celebrated entertainers of her time with much of that fame stemming from her unabashed love of self, confidence, and positivity. However, Lizzo was recently named in a lawsuit by three former background dancers who allege sexual harassment and the creation of a hostile work environment.

As reported by The Washington Post, the suit was filed in a Los Angeles Court on Tuesday (August 1) from plaintiffs Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez, who collectively stated they were placed in what they framed as a “sexually charged and uncomfortable” workplace.

Further, the trio of dancers alleged that the treatment they experienced was such a negative experience that working with Lizzo became “intolerable” according to court documents. One of the women also claimed that Lizzo pushed her into touching a nude dancer’s breasts during a night out in Amsterdam.

Also named in the suit is Shirlene Quigley, a dance captain for Lizzo’s troupe. Representatives for both have declined to adress the lawsuit as of this writing. Along with the aforementioned, Lizzo’s production company Big Grrrl Big Touring was also named in the suit.

One of the more striking details of the lawsuit is the allegation that the singer hounded one of the dancers about their weight, which contradicts Lizzo’s entire image in the eyes of many. The suit also alleges that one of the dancers was fired in public by Lizzo’s agent just a week after a confrontation, and another was allegedly fired for recording a meeting with the singer to use for performance feedback.

On Twitter, Lizzo found her name trending and the comments have wide swings of opinions. We’ve captured reactions from all sides below.