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Fans and followers of Ryan Garcia know that the outspoken athlete is an avid Donald Trump supporter and also a conspiracy theorist (as are most Trumpians). Now, the professional boxer is attempting to turn his positive PED test into a conspiracy theory of its own—he’s blaming it on his public endorsement of VonShitzhispants, allegedly.

According to Raw Story, Garcia took to his X account to blast out a brand new conspiracy theory as to why he tested positive for the banned PED, ostarine, claiming that the powers that be set him up after he showed his support for Donald Trump not too long ago.

Hmm I’m seen with trump

And now I’m positive for steroids

This is a straight attack


Yeah, unfortunately for Garcia these kind of conspiracy theories blurted out online only work when they come from Donald Trump himself, right-wing leaning media or white people.

Ryan Garcia is a Mexican boxer whom MAGA supporters have no interest in, well, supporting. Still, the man did get some validation from Trumpians on social media but not to the extent where it would cause outrage among the far-right and call for a boycott of the sport of boxing or something ridiculous.

And ridiculous is what this is as Trump and Trump supporters have a well-known knack for refusing to take accountability for their misdeeds and blaming it on the powers that be whenever they’re caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

Per Raw Story:

His message caught the eye of MSNBC writer Ja’han Jones, who published Thursday a scathing analysis of the professional boxer’s take, arguing, “the tone of his denials…are dripping with Trumpian deflection and evasions.”

“Garcia made expletive-laden comments that echoed rhetoric he’s pushed in the past, claiming the report was probably released by ‘pedophile’ elites he says he’s been ‘trying to take down,'” Jones writes.

Jones notes Garcia offered a “defense” the writer suggested did more harm than good: “Even if a motherf—– was on steroids, right?” Garcia reportedly wrote, “You still got hit.”

“Garcia and Trump are clearly a fitting match: Both know how it feels when their declared victories are called into question,” Jones wrote. “And both are clearly unashamed to spread salacious conspiracy theories to push back against stories that could damage their already-shaky reputations as winners.”

Where this goes from here is anyone’s guess. But we doubt that Ryan Garcia’s conspiracy theory behind his positive PED test will gain much traction going forward because, well, he’s not beloved in MAGA land. So good luck with that, mano.

What do y’all think of Ryan Garcia’s latest defense of his positive PED test? Let us know in the comment section below.