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Nicki Minaj Enlists The Barbz In New 'Modern Warfare II' AD

Source: Activision / Modern Warfare II

We didn’t see this coming, but Nicki Minaj is enlisting her Barbz to squad up in a new ad for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.

It’s almost time to “squad up” with your friends. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II’s release is a few weeks away, and to get COD fans excited, Activision enlisted the help of some pretty popular people to get the message out.

Sticking with its working formula of featuring famous musicians, actors, athletes, gamers, and social media stars in ads, the new “Squad Up” commercial for Modern Warfare: II boasts tremendous star power.

The roughly one-minute ad opens up with Atlanta Hip-Hop star Lil Baby getting the troops in order by leading the march before declaring, “Modern Warfare is back again.”

From there, the ad turns into a star-studded event featuring cameos from Nicki Minaj, Pete Davidson, Kane Brown, Bukayo Saka, Lando Norris, Jalen Ramsey, David Long Jr., Faze Clan’s Nuke Squad, and squads from all over the world.

This Modern Warfare II AD Is Interesting

Nicki Minaj showing up in this new Modern Warfare II ad will raise some eyebrows, especially those in the Bardi Gang. Not too long ago, Cardi B revealed she missed out on a multi-million Call of Duty bag due to what she described as “stupid decisions.”

Both rappers have been subbing the hell out of each other on social media, with Cardi being the more direct in letting people know she is calling out the Queens rapper and her collaborators. They put on their capes to call out the “Bodak Yellow” crafter.

Based on this ad, it would seem Activision replaced Cardi B with Nicki Minaj cause there is no way those two were a part of this simultaneously.

You can watch the new “Squad Up” Modern Warfare II commercial below.

Photo: Activision / Modern Warfare II