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Recently Lil Yachty‘s latest track “Poland” has been getting much burn and now the Southern artist has revealed where the inspiration for the track came from.

Making a guest appearance for a reaction to the video on the YouTube channel ZIAS!, Lil Yachty revealed that the idea for the hook to the viral song actually came from a bottle of Poland Springs water. When asked where the idea for “Poland” came from and what the inspiration behind it was, Yachty admitted that he came up with the chorus simply for trolling purposes.

“I’ma tell y’all the truth. I was in the studio, right, working on my new album, and I was actually just trolling. My mans was just drinking a Poland Springs water bottle… and the song was a joke! Like, I was just trolling. “It leaked, and that’s why I was like, technically it’s not finished. It’s just a verse. I never finished the song, but it went crazy. So I was like, ‘Sh*t, I might as well put it out.’”

Funny how a joke could turn into a hit and line your pockets with the kind of paper you never expected to stumble across. Regardless of why he made the song, Yachty created a hit in the process and is now riding another wave thanks to his sense of humor. Gotta wonder if he hit his mans off with some paper for helping inspire his latest record.

Now that Poland Spring knows that Yachty’s given them some free promotion, don’t be surprised if they end up striking some kind of partnership in the near future. Yachty’s been making all kinds of business moves these days, so it’s only right he profit off his latest joke turned hit record.

Check out the interview below and let us know your thoughts on the record itself in the comments section below.