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Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Cardi B has received additional good news during her birthday month. A judge has ordered Tasha K to pay her four million dollars immediately.

As spotted on Blavity the YouTube personality was formally instructed to pay the Bronx bombshell the aforementioned monies; right away. On Thursday, Oct. 13 William Ray made the ruling even though the woman legally knows as LaTasha Kebe has been seeking to appeal. The judge has asked her to make payment right away and will only pause the order if she posts a supersedeas, which is a writ that suspends authority of a trial court to issue an execution on a judgement. In layman’s terms the judge will pause it if she gets a bond, provided by private lenders, that covers the entire amount due.

Back in September Tasha and her family spent some time in Africa sparking rumors she was moving there permanently to avoid payment. She has since denied the rumors but Cardi’s lawyers are still worried she is trying to possibly finesse the system. “This is more than a hypothetical concern in this case,” attorney Lisa F. Moore wrote to Billboard Magazine. “During the litigation, Kebe bragged publicly that she had taken steps to insulate herself from a judgment. And there have been recent online reports that Kebe has moved from Georgia to avoid enforcement of the judgment.”

This legal saga originally started back in 2019 when Tasha K claimed Bardi was a prostitute, cheated on her husband Offset, had sexually transmitted diseases and used cocaine. In January the Hustlers star won the suit and was awarded a million-dollar defamation verdict against YouTuber for waging a “malicious campaign” to hurt her reputation by posting false rumors. The jury issued a verdict that Cardi B had been defamed and awarded $1.25 million in damages. Further proceedings brought the total fine against Kebe to $3.82 million.

Tasha K has not responded to the order.

Photo: Bernard Smalls