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“I was pushing that idea years ago to them.”

After problems started to arise with Wu Tang and they were fully expressed with the troubled album, 8 Diagrams, it felt as though there was a rift developing within the camp from Staten Island.

Some artists such as Ghostface felt as though RZA wasn’t expanding and was too complacent with creating the same regurgitated Wu sound that built them in their beginnings.  Although it may have worked from the groundwork, certain artists may want to see more depth in their craft and are unable to do if they are doing the same routine.

Alongside Raekwon and Method Man, the three planned to create an album that was initially meant to be RZA free as it related to production.  Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…pt.2 showed the damage the three were capable of and the fact that RZA isn’t always THE factor when it comes to keeping the Wu’s pulse pumping.

While speaking with MTV, RZA actually expressed wanting to be a part of the trio’s proposed album in the works.  The producer made reference to how the change was meant to happen, even before being brought up now, as a means of expanding the Wu Tang dynasty.

“Back in the day we were gonna have a branch called the Brothers from the Grain which was kinda those guys right there.”

Lending a hand to Raekwon’s latest, RZA is already in the mode to put his hat back on and return to the boards to assist the rest of his brothers for what is coming.

“I’m going to see Mef tonight in the studio to see if I can add on to that project and add some flavor to it.  They’re definitely three of the most prolific voices in Wu Tang.”

Although there is uncertainty if he will have a hand in Method Man’s upcoming project, he has stated that is willing to help his team whenever they may need him.  He added that U-God asked to have his next produced entirely by him and it was never a problem for him at all.

“We’re in a period of life where if anyone in Wu Tang needs me, I’m there for them, but everyone has grown and matured so much that we don’t need each other.  And that’s a good thing.  When you need somebody then you have to be dependent.”

As legal matters between the RZA and Ghostface have begun to wrap up, there might be opportunity now to let everything come back together.

Brothers are bound to fight and have disagreements, but that comes when a person is part of a family.  Although they are able to hold their own while solo, it is undeniable when the Wu Tang Clan is working cohesively.  All one can do from here is hope for the best.