The return of Raekwon is a comeback that has been highly praised and acknowledged by Hip Hop heads. Even in today’s changing climate in the music industry, the Chef was able to show that he can still cook up some potent product for the streets to feed off of. The storm following Only Build 4 […]

“I was pushing that idea years ago to them.” After problems started to arise with Wu Tang and they were fully expressed with the troubled album, 8 Diagrams, it felt as though there was a rift developing within the camp from Staten Island. Some artists such as Ghostface felt as though RZA wasn’t expanding and […]

There seems to be come some type of confusion in the Wu camp as it pertains to members Ghostace Killah, Method Man and Raekwon.  As the release of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…pt.2  was approaching there were rumors swirling of an alleged album in the process comprised of the three. Raekwon touched on the subject […]

The month of September saw the boiling point of New York rap for 2009. Backed by releases such as Jadakiss and Fabolous, the 90s era of Hip-Hop was slowly making its presence felt. The Blueprint III and Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…pt. 2, blew the lid right off everything as the veterans showcased the fact […]

With the new age of Hip-Hop and new artists trying to usher in a new sound, there has been a constant stream of complaints from some fans that feel as though the older generation is unwilling to give the new school of rap a chance to shine. During an interview on Wild 101.1 with Bootleg […]