With the new age of Hip-Hop and new artists trying to usher in a new sound, there has been a constant stream of complaints from some fans that feel as though the older generation is unwilling to give the new school of rap a chance to shine.

During an interview on Wild 101.1 with Bootleg Kev, the Chef gave out his wish list of artists that he would like to see himself working alongside for projects in the future.

“I wanna work with Eminem, man.  I wanna work with Jay. I wanna work with 5-0, I wanna work with Lil Wayne, I wanna work with all the young G’s. I wanna work with Jeezy, I wanna work with many rappers, you know what I mean, that I look up to regadless of what. I’m gonna be one of them dudes that’s definitely gonna really really put my foot this time down even more you know what I mean? So if you can help me put the kites out. Tell all your people, ‘He wants to do tracks with these cats, will y’all come up for air for him, could we keep this hip-hop rolling?'”

Soulja Boy actually had his own list which featured Eminem and Jay-Z as artists that he wanted to work with. The actuality of this occurring between the two artists, however, seems to be leaning more towards the rapper from Staten Island. With the release of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…Pt. II, the Chef has shown that he still has the ability to rap with the heavyweights. Age is nothing but a number and skill can never be denied.

Even with the issues that transpired between Rae and Joe Budden, he has stated that he is still willing to let everything be set to the side and wants to have Wu Tang work with Slaughterhouse. Above all else, Rae stated that he is still a fan regardless of the past and all anyone can do is accept the troubles that were yesterday and move on to tomorrow.

Hip-Hop may have hit a breakthrough as more artists are starting to accept one another’s position in the game. Older heads are needed to guide the new school because age might only be a number, but life is something that is not limitless. The new school is the new voice of the youth and can keep the genre beating as they are more in tune with what is needed today. The gap has been what has held the art down, but hopefully being able to embrace one another will result in progression.

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