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Kanye West has produced some very memorable moments on Saturday Night Live; we get more details about his infamous Donald Trump rant in 2018 from former SNL star Chris Redd.

As spotted on Variety, the rapper’s very polarizing appearance on the comedy sketch show went down in infamy when he started preaching about his admiration for the former President of the United States. Naturally, this episode left many viewers feeling a way. In a new interview with The Daily Beast, former SNL alumni Chris Redd offers more context behind what was going on behind the scenes prior to Ye going on his MAGA soapbox.

“I remember the dress rehearsal where he tried his dress rehearsal version of that, and I heard it, but there was music playing still so people were like sitting there and vibing,” Redd explained. “But I was listening to his words, and I was like, bro, he’s about to pull some bullsh*t. And I’m not about to be on stage for that. I’m not going to entertain this. Like, I’ve been a fan of Kanye my whole life. And I miss the old Kanye.”

Chris went on to say Ye clearly chose violence that morning. “He came in there wanting to shoot everybody — verbally — and I just felt that was disrespectful, because we’re all grown adults. And now all of us don’t like you. He just came in there with a chip on his shoulder, ready to talk sh*t.”

When asked if Ye liked his impression of the “Gold Digger” rapper he said of course not. “I mean, it’s safe to assume my man don’t like that impression,” Redd said. “Judging by interactions, I don’t think he likes it that much. But, you know, I don’t like what he be saying all the time. So I think we’re even there.”

Recently Chris Redd was attacked outside of New York City comedy club. You can read more about it here.

Photo: The Washington Post