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For the past few years Nike has been suing people left and right for banking off their products without their permission. But now it seems like the shoe is on the other foot as Odell Beckham Jr. has filed a lawsuit against the Swoosh brand for not paying him what he feels he’s owed.

TMZ is reporting that the NFL superstar is suing Nike for $20 million as he’s accusing the Swoosh of purposely repressing his sneaker sales as it would’ve triggered a contract extension with the brand had they moved enough units. Apparently not only does Odell feel Nike slowed sales of his sneaker line, but it got shady when it came time to give him a new contract extension.

Odell claims once his original Nike deal expired in 2017, he considered jumping ship to Adidas … who offered him a huge contract. Not wanting to lose a marquee talent, Odell says Nike exercised their right to match the Adidas deal. But, he claims the fine print was different … and it wasn’t truly the same deal.