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Plies Sued For $10 Million Over Nightclub Shooting

Plies trial began Monday, December 5thregarding a ten million dollar lawsuit against the rapper, alleging Plies and his entourage opened fire in a nightclub on July 6, 2006.

The five plaintiffs in the lawsuit all claim to be victims of non-life threatening gunshot wounds.

Plies, whose real name is Algernod Washington and his brother, record-producer Ronell Levatte are charged with allegedly firing the guns that wounded these individuals, in addition to hiring bodyguards who participated in the supposed shooting in July 2006.

The plaintiffs have claimed the shooting was a deliberate act to increase Plies’ image and credibility in the gangsta rap industry.  In an attempt to indict the entire rap community for this alleged event, the original defendants also included Plies’ record company, Big Gates Records.

“The plaintiffs’ claims against my client continue to be without merit, we look forward to having this resolved in a court of justice,” states Plies’ defense attorney, Robert A. Rush of the law firm of Rush & Glassman in Gainesville.

Plies’ brother, Ronell Levatte is represented by attorney Carl Schwait of the law firm of Dell Graham in Gainesville.

Representing the five plaintiffs are Gainesville attorney, Christopher Chestnut of The Chestnut Law Firm; Chad Roberts and Helen Spohrer of the law firm of Spohrer and Dodd in Jacksonville, FL.

The trial is expected to go through the week of December 11th and conclude by mid-week.