Plies is showing off his new pearly whites. The Florida rapper took to social media to reveal he got rid of his grills and is now sporting an envy-inducing Kool-Aid smile.


Plies, the social media savvy rapper from Fort Myers, FL, has a strong message for Donald Trump after the President's COVID-19 diagnosis. "Ain’t No Corona bih!"


On Thursday (Aug 13), Plies took to Twitter to post a video of himself dancing to his proposed "WAP P-Mix", which features the "Get U Wet" rapper doing what he does best--talking dirty.


Add Plies to the list of rappers who can’t keep track of there firearms before travelling. The Florida rapper was arrested at Tampa Airport after a gun was found on his carry-on luggage. 

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Remember that time Plies got popped for a DUI after going the wrong way down a one-way street? The Florida rapper just copped a plea deal. 


Back in January, Florida rapper Plies got popped for DUI. Now, dash cam footage of his arrest has been revealed. 


Plies got pinched early on Tuesday (Dec. 16) for driving under the influence. The rapper is already out on $500 bond. 


Plies continues to set himself apart with a combination of his unique sound and signature social media presence. He stopped by The Breakfast Club; the result was a very memorable interview.


Plies has a hit song called “Ritz Carlton” that thanks to its video and a line that goes “ran off on da plug twice,” it has gone viral. The Florida rapper, and noted Adele fan, is seen running in place while saying the phrase in the tune’s video, and if you’ve been watching college sports, […]

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If you’re a fan of Plies, chances are you know about his heavy social media presence and his various catchphrases. The Florida rapper is having a bit of an Instagram war with Young Thug, this after Plies called the Atlanta star’s daughter a “bih” in a video caption.

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Life comes at you fast. Plies, who titled two of his albums Da REAList and Goon Affiliated, looked like anything but, after he was body slammed off stage at a Tallahassee show on Friday night (April 3).


What hiatus? Plies is back in full effect, as he returns today with a visual for “Lawd Knows” from his Da Last Real N***a Left.