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Source: @plies / Twitter

Plies, the social media savvy rapper from Fort Myers, FL, has a strong message for Donald Trump after the President’s COVID-19 diagnosis. “Ain’t No Corona bih!”

The “Shawty” rapper took to social media to mock Cheeto for coming down with the Rona after spending months downplaying the severity of the virus and even disparaging people who dared to wear masks.

“This message is for the President,” says Plies. “You fittin’ to quarantine? Quarantine!”

Plies goes on to remind Trump (who last we heard has been experiencing mild COVID symptoms) that he doesn’t listen to CDC guidelines and thus needs to get back out there and hold a rally and knock of the MAGA disrespect. In case you’re slow, Plies is being sarcastic. Plies is heard saying things like “Get out the bunker and get back out here in these streets!” or “These people want a rally tonight man!” or “And I bet not see no mask on you!”

We’re here for it (and it’s World Smile Day), watch below.

The caption says it all, “Message 4 The President!!! “He Finna Quarantine”….. Quarantineee Don’t Listen 2 The CDC Now Remember CDC Don’t Know What They Talking About! Get Bike Out Here In These Streetz Sir U Have An Election 2 Try An Steal!!! These People Want A Rally!!!!! Ain’t No Corona Bih!!!!!,” and the video is great.

Also, Plies is a national treasure.