Lil Boosie Deals with Upcoming Prison Time


“Ni**a f&*k you, don’t worry about if my head up, suck my d*&k.  B$%ch I’m the one that gotta do this time.”

Prison has been dubbed by some as living in hell and others have called it modern day slavery.  Whatever name a person wants to give it, the prison system is something that no one wants to be part of. 

As a person acknowledges that fact that one of his/her own will have to serve time, it’s hard to really say anything that could possibly lift his/her spirits aside from planning an escape route.

As his day of atonement is just around the horizon, Superbad is clearly finding his own means in dealing with the two year bid behind bars.  Fully aware of what has been placed in front of him, Boosie is ready to accept his punishment and serve his time for the state.

One thing everybody should shy away from is telling the rapper to ‘Keep his head up’ because as far as he’s concerned, he is the only one that will be going through the system and words like that can’t even scratch the surface of what he might have to undergo once imprisoned.

Speaking with Ozone Magazine, the rapper gave a response to those that choose to think that such a phrase will keep him positive.

“None of yall gonna be in that bi&$h.  Yall gonna be home still wiping yall a*s with Charmin.  If my head is down or I’m looking mad, b%&ch, look the other way and don’t tell me s*&t.  Keep your head up, ni**a f@$k all that.”

He added that if someone wants him to look at the lighter side, donations are always accepted and he/she can put something in his account.

Whether it is pride as a man or fear of what’s to come, the rapper will face his judgment like a man and deal with things the best way that he can. 

“It’s something, but it’s nothing.”

Looking past the sentence, the Louisiana native has stated that he has already finished his next album.  Entitled Free At Last, it will drop the week that he is a free man once again.  He added that he will return as a stronger and more motivated rapper which will only boost his career even more.    

Lil Boosie is expecting to see ten months to a year after pleading guilty to gun and drug charges.