Perry’s nephew, Gavin Porter, was serving a 20-year sentence for the murder of his father in front of his mother.

Bobby Shmurda is currently behind bars serving a seven-year prison sentence and is rumored to be released next year. However, don’t expect the “Hot N*gga” rapper to become a champion of prison reform like Meek Mill.

Meek Mill isn’t using his recently-gained freedom in an idle fashion, this after sitting down with NBC News’ Lester Holt to reveal higher aims than his music career. Because of his ordeal over his probation violation case which has dogged him for years, the Maybach Music Group star wants to use his platform to address […]

Killer Mike offered a guest rap on South Park that served as a cheeky critique of mass incarceration and America's opioid addiction crisis.

Busta Rhymes, who is still mourning the death of his friend and A Tribe Called Quest’s Phife Dawg, made good on a promise to appear at an event in Washington, D.C. just days after. Bussa Buss was in town for the Families Against Mandatory Minimum’s 25th anniversary gala as its musical guest and expressed his support of […]

A nationwide manhunt for two escaped New York murderers has been issued, leaving law enforcement officials to conclude “they could be anywhere” at this point.

John Legend is taking a firm stance in the United States’ issue on mass incarceration and his solution is beginning with a new campaign with the multiyear initiative, FREE AMERICA.

While they continue to wait on their musical careers to truly blossom and flourish, rappers Gillie Da Kid and Nipsey Hussle will mark their acting debuts alongside Ving Rhames for the film Wrath Of Cain. As a story revolving around gang life, Ving Rhames plays the role of Cain, a notorious gang member that holds […]

“Ni**a f&*k you, don’t worry about if my head up, suck my d*&k.  B$%ch I’m the one that gotta do this time.” Prison has been dubbed by some as living in hell and others have called it modern day slavery.  Whatever name a person wants to give it, the prison system is something that no […]

All hoods alike can stand in praise as rapper Shyne has served his time for the state and is set to be released today after facing a potential 10-year bid for a shooting back in 1999.  Eight years have passed since the cell closed behind the rapper, but now he will make his return to […]