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While they continue to wait on their musical careers to truly blossom and flourish, rappers Gillie Da Kid and Nipsey Hussle will mark their acting debuts alongside Ving Rhames for the film Wrath Of Cain.

As a story revolving around gang life, Ving Rhames plays the role of Cain, a notorious gang member that holds a firm grip on the streets, but inevitably finds himself behind prison walls.

Many inmates are under the influence that his death will lead to their own climb and countless efforts are made on his life.

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Stating that he has no fears, his son, played by Nipsey Hussle is brought into prison as well and he must now find a means to keep his offspring protected.

With Hussle’s character being a Crip, even more tension builds once it is known that his long time rival, played by Gillie Da Kid, and Blood member, is also sleeping in the same confines.

Directed by Ryan Combs and produced by Ving Rhames , Evan Louis and Eugene Henley, expect to see the film in 2010 although no official release date has been given.