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“All these kids been getting killed, all this stuff going on, we have to make a change.”

Ever since the tragedy of Derrion Albert in Chicago, Hip-Hop has risen as a community to raise more awareness of the troubles going on within the youth, but it has been hard to say if things have actually been implemented or if it is all just hot air.

Rapper Twista, who is a Chicago native, felt the need to make a difference as he took the time to return back home and make a more direct difference and meeting up with those that were part of the altercation that led to the boy’s death.

Accompanied by CBS Channel 2 News, the rapper reflected on what’s going on today and what went on when he was growing up.

“I came up the same way you did: public aid, drug problems in the family, dealing with people selling drugs. It changed me in a way where I know what I don’t want to go back to.”

Eugene Bailey was present during Twista’s arrival and gave some incite to his relationship with Albert. He added that since then, he hasn’t been able to sleep in disbelief that what happened is actually a reality.

“We lost a good friend,” stated Bailey. “He was like one of my brothers.”

Bailey was recently accused of the crime, but was later released and all charges were dropped. Since then, he has been trying to rebuild his life after having his name and image poorly represented, according to Bailey.

Outside of his conversation, Twista has used his voice in music to continue his word and reach out for change by releasing the mixtape Save Our Students which is a call for peace within the community.

“You have to figure out the cool way to talk to kids sometimes.”

It doesn’t stop here, fortunately, as the rapper stated that himself, Kanye West and other rappers will be coming together to raise funds for programs so that the youth have alternatives to keep themselves away from the street and the potential trouble associated with it.

The violence is at an all time high in the Black community and it is time for someone to step up to the plate and do something. Believe half of what you see and nothing that you hear so all of these words are falling to deaf ears. Stand up and make a movement.