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“I spent my whole relationship building up your Fawking self-esteem.”

It was only a matter of time for Joe Budden until he took the time to fully air out his grievances of the break-up with former girlfriend Tahiry.

With the re-launch of JoeBuddenTV, things started with a bang when he announced that TahiryTV is coming down.

Although no actual names were dropped until the middle of his ranting, Budden dropped a tirade of knowledge in dealing with the opposite sex and how there is now a sense of relief and bitterness towards the fact that he wasted so much time in dealing with it.

“You ain’t even worth a tear of mine…Why the Fawk am I crying over you?”

With 5 years of history, one would think that Joey was a little hesitant to making that final leap, but in hindsight, something that he made constant jokes about, he was truly ready to do.

“I was indeed ready to marry my significant other.  Thank the Lord above that it didn’t happen because my situation would have been a lot worse had I been married to Tahiry.  I went from being ready to settle down, while I was inside that relationship, and now that I am outside it’s easy to see that I spent 5 years settling.  You go from thinking that you are with someone that you are ready to marry and settle with and then realize that you were settling this whole time.”

Jumpoff also cleared up any false perceptions that many have built as it pertains to him as his ex has made statements regarding his self-esteem and how crazy he acts during their on air argument.

“I’m none of the things that Tahiry will say that I am.  I’m cool like a fan.”

The Jersey native spoke on how it is to deal with a person and even be in a relationship with someone that may not think too high of themselves and how their particular negativity brings both of the people down.  The result also affects everyone around as her actions may bring about the presumption that the team acts like that instead of just the player.

“The funny Shyte about it is that when you’re with someone like that and she starts acting like a nut case, you know what people say when they see yall two and she’s acting a fool?  They say ‘Yo, I ain’t gonna front, Y’ALL are crazy.  Y’all two motherFawkas are nuts.’  Y’all?  See, I’m a rapper so I’m really big on words and what they mean and what they are meant to be interpreted as when they are said so when they say that to me, I just have to sit there and scratch my Fawking head.”

Call it anger or a moment of clarity, Joey has apparently seen the error of his way and realized how “ugly” his partner actually was outside of the exterior.

“If it wasn’t her then, it is her now.  People change everyday.”

Joe Budden, however, has said it himself and there are always “3 Sides to A Story.”