The life of an artist that builds fame comes with a door prize that he/she is able to love or leave or both. Groupies have become very common ground for rappers to encounter while they are on the road doing shows, traveling from city to city. Dealing with such “fans” can have a positive and […]

“If yall gotta man and yall not swallowing, he’s definitely getting his package sucked somewhere else.” Since the overly publicized split between New Jersey rapper Joe Budden and former girlfriend Tahiry, Jumpoff has been rather quiet as of late. While Crooked I, Joell Ortiz and Royce Da 5’9” have been dropping freestyles, Joey has been […]

“It was important to me to reach out to Beans because I ain’t gonna front, when I seen the way that clip was chopped and screwed and edited, I was like ‘Yo, that looks really, really bad.” The Internet has helped rapper Joe Budden garner not only a solid fanbase, but a prominent voice in […]

“I spent my whole relationship building up your Fawking self-esteem.” It was only a matter of time for Joe Budden until he took the time to fully air out his grievances of the break-up with former girlfriend Tahiry. With the re-launch of JoeBuddenTV, things started with a bang when he announced that TahiryTV is coming […]

Known as a great lyricist always entangled in controversy, Joe Budden’s career has recently been shadowed by his recent troubles.   Ranging from Raekwon to French Montana to MC Shan, everybody seems to have a problem or their own two cents for Joey. Usually known to throw a counter at every shot, the Jersey rapper has […]

It’s official. Joe Budden and Tahiry are now a thing of the past as the return of JoeBuddenTV showed the rapper revealing what most already figured anyway. “So, me and Tahiry broke up right, and I was naturally Fawked up because that’s my baby girl.” Ever since the publicized outburst from Tahiry, speculation kept building […]