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It’s official. Joe Budden and Tahiry are now a thing of the past as the return of JoeBuddenTV showed the rapper revealing what most already figured anyway.

“So, me and Tahiry broke up right, and I was naturally Fawked up because that’s my baby girl.”

Ever since the publicized outburst from Tahiry, speculation kept building as the Jersey rapper didn’t quite seem to be him usual self.

The rebound game has come in full effect, however, as Jumpoff has resorted back to his old ways now that he is back in the singles game. Being down for months, according to the rapper, he stated that he did want to use his personal blog as a weapon to broadcast his exploits feeling that it might affect his now ex and the “boyfriends” of the women he has encountered.

“Some of the things that go on when you are single definitely are not for JoeBuddenTV. The problem is that everything that I’ve been doing is definitely not to be broadcast on JoeBuddenTV. I’ve been running around like a hurt single man.”

Although not together, he still expresses his love for Tahiry, but he has to love her from afar. For once, Joe keeps things to himself as he tells listeners that it’s no one’s business as to why they actually broke up. At the end of the day, she left.

Adjusting to a new lifestyle, the rapper is quick to pick up the phone and call up another woman, but assures everyone that he is doing things in a way that will not hurt others. The method for the madness is clearly only in the mind of madness that is Joey.

“What do you think about golden showers? I didn’t say golden showers, I said Golden Corral.”

Good news may be on the arisen for Joe or more for his group Slaughterhouse. The recent video for Drake’s “Forever” was released and the appearance of Eminem delivering his verse was backed up by all four members of the group standing behind him. Obviously a move that would cause a stir, rumors immediately begun to run and there is now word going around that the group might be teaming with the Shady camp. Royce and Em have a long history and were able to patch things up so the sky is the limit.