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“It was important to me to reach out to Beans because I ain’t gonna front, when I seen the way that clip was chopped and screwed and edited, I was like ‘Yo, that looks really, really bad.”

The Internet has helped rapper Joe Budden garner not only a solid fanbase, but a prominent voice in Hip-Hop where his opinion is held under a microscope.

Reported earlier, the Jerz native weighed in on the ongoing beef between Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z.  The video made it seem as though he was riding for Jay and made it appear that the shots thrown from Sigel were wack and there was no point in him trying to come at Jigga because he wouldn’t be able to win the battle regardless.

His opinion would float to Sigel’s Philly affiliate Mike Knox who had his own choice words for Budden where he basically issued a warning to Jumpoff to watch what he says otherwise there could be certain consequences.

Utilizing the popularity of JoeBuddenTV, the rapper went on to provide clarity to that broadcast and maintained the fact that he never meant any disrespect.

“It was chopped up to look like I had a message that I didn’t have, so it was important for me to reach out to him and let him know that Shyte was chopped and screwed.  Some people don’t know how the Internet works, not saying that he’s one of those people, so I reached out and I got in contact with Mike Knox and Beanie Sigel and I basically let them n*ggas know that video looked like Shyte.  It was chopped and screwed and edited to Fawk up what I was saying and it wasn’t like that at all.”

Adding how the media embraces beef, Budden felt it necessary to nip the problem in the bud before it became an actual issue.

“You just wanna stop Shyte before the snowball effect begins to take place.  Fortunately for me, I’ve seen Beans and met Beans so many times that it was much easier for him to believe what I was saying.  I’ve always shown that n*gga the utmost respect because I’m a big fan of him and what he does.”

Any person in America is guaranteed the freedom of speech where he/she is freely open to voice his/her own opinion on particular subjects, but there comes a time where an opinion is unnecessary.

For Budden, there comes a point where he has to just sit back and watch instead of providing commentary due to the fact that his words, whether taken out of context or not, have only landed him in trouble.