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“Jeezy knows that I done came up on him on different occasions and asked if we had a problem.”

Before Young Jeezy exploded as a solo artist in the rap game, he was part of Bad Boy’s Boyz N Da Hood back in 2005 alongside Jody Breeze, Duke and Bigg Gee.  After leaving the group to pursue his own career, there was no real word as to his relation with the other three members, but without any hostility, it felt as though things were alright.

Recently, however, Breeze dropped the diss track and video “Uptown” where he shed some light on the Snowman and delivered a lyrical barrage to his former group member.  Lyrics mentioned a point where he saw Jeezy on Ocean Drive with Keyshia Cole where he could have caused some harm if he wanted to.

Taking time out with VladTV, Breezy finally gave a picture and explained where the diss came from and his issues with Jeezy.

“This ain’t no rap beef, this is something personal.  We’re supposed to be family and you don’t send someone up on your brother…You think you’re keeping it real, but you’re not.”

Giving his account, the rapper stated that he was approached by people affiliated with Jeezy at a club during Ciara’s album release party. Admitting that he was a little drunk, he added that they came at him in a manner where there seemed like there was a problem and saying that he had loose lips.

Once together, Breeze feels that there was a brotherhood between the two of them and it makes no sense why time has shown that the family ties have been cut as he can’t even approach him.

“This ain’t got nothing to do with the group.  I want everybody to understand that n*ggas been doing a lot of grimey shi*t for a long time, but on the outside looking in, people don’t know what the fu*ck is going on.  All you see is the ni*gga with the ice on hopping out of the cars with people that are supposed to be gangster.”

The music business is clearly an open ocean with too many sharks to look out for and friendships mean nothing when money is involved.  Hopefully, artists will be able to come back to reality and not be so seduced by the flashing lights to realize that no one is unable to be touched in the world so ditch the ego and act like you never had a record deal.

Time will tell when Jeezy gives his account of what happened.