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A few days ago, Tekashi Snitch9ine finally got the comeuppance that the culture has been so patiently waiting on for the past few years, respectfully. Now, new video footage appears to show that the men involved in the attack didn’t just so happen to run into the “Gummo” rapper by coincidence.

TMZ is reporting that the surveillance video from the LA Fitness where Tekashi was brutally beat down shows the two men enter the gym before being joined by a third, briefly speaking to the desk employee and then ultimately making a beeline directly to the sauna where Tekashi was enjoying life as a free man.

It certainly looks like the two men were in on some sort of plan … but it’s still unclear if they knew Tekashi was going to be at the gym all along, or if one man possibly saw 6ix9ine and called his buddy to help.

What followed was a beatdown for the ages. Leaving Tekashi bloodied up, bruised and battered, the men left the infamous Hip-Hop snitch with coloring on his face that actually blended in with his rainbow wig piece. Though everyone wondered where his security was at during the assault, Tekashi probably felt it wasn’t necessary as TMZ says he’s frequented the South Florida gym in the past without any kind of problems.

Our sources tell us if Tekashi is ever approached or recognized, most of the interactions are peaceful … and he’s usually accommodating and willing to pose with fans. Of course, he’s clearly got enemies out there — no doubt still lingering from the infamous RICO case.

Well, Tekashi found out that the streets eventually catch up to everyone. According to the report, he usually works out for 20 minutes on the StairMaster at that particular location. So Tekashi must’ve thought he was safe in Florida. He’s never beefed with any rapper in Trump country (that we know of). But he obviously wasn’t safe.

Luckily for Tekashi, LA Fitness staff reportedly intervened to help get him to a safe room and keep the men from inflicting more damage on his body.

No word on whether the men involved in the assault are being sought for questioning by authorities. But given the brazenness of their actions, they could probably care less about getting cuffed up for the assault. Heck, Boosie Badazz is already calling for fans to start a GoFundMe page to support his new snitch-beating heroes. Even Gunna is getting heat due to Tekashi’s plight.

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