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The release of Relapse solidified two things as it related to Marshall Mathers.  For one, Slim Shady was back and two, the fact that he had returned to his viciousness of horror-core rap.  If the visual for “3 a.m.” wasn’t a hint, Eminem clearly has the mind of a maniac.

With this, it would only make sense that Marshall would use his talents in other areas where his scary lyrics can be transformed and developed even more.  Reports have stated that the Detroit rapper is currently in the process of releasing a series of horror films that will be entitled, Shady Talez.

Although his publicist, Dennis Donnehy, has stated that everything is currently just in discussion, details have added that the films will pay respects to cult classics such as Aliens and The Lost Boys.  There has also been word that he will have acting roles in some of the films. 

Outside of his cameo appearances in a few films such as The Wash and Funny People and then his own 8 Mile, Shady once upon a time had his own animated show. 

Titled The Slim Shady Show, the series focused on the fictional adventures of Eminem’s alter-egos Slim Shady, Marshall Mathers and Ken Kaniff.

 Each episode roughly ran about 5 minutes and it was exclusively offered through the Internet until it was thrown on DVD and was even included with the release of his 2002 album, The Eminem Show.  With three separate personalities, it would only make sense that Eminem would bring them out the best as he played he alter-egos as well as the character Ken Kaniff.

His pen game outside of rap is one to look out for as well, as he also released a tell-all autobiography titled The Way I Am in October 2008 which gave fans a look into his life through his eyes as he discussed his struggles with poverty, drugs, fame, heartbreak and depression, along with stories about his rise to fame and commentary on past controversies.

In related news, the world of Hip-Hop continues to wait for Relapse 2.  After laying waste to his “opponents” during the BET Cypher during the Hip Hop Awards, the white boy is steamrolling his way back into the game and taking names.