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Mackmaine: URGENT!!!!  DA OFFICIAL MTV NO CEILINGS will be released in 2days wit more songs!!!  It will be released on a brand new young money site!!!.

The Internet went crazy after searching through the web and noticing that Lil Wayne’s latest mixtape, No Ceilings, was available for download.  Slated to drop on Halloween, what’s really a release from Weezy if it doesn’t leak a little early?

Ringing in at 17 cuts, with interludes included, the latest doesn’t come off the way it was originally promised with no features.  His latest, fortunately, was Auto-Tune free.  Weezy does what he does as he went in on popular songs such as “D.O.A.”, “Break-Up” and “Ice Cream Paintjob and throws his own little spin on things. 

If Mack Maine is holding any truth to his recent tweet, there can only be more in store from the Young Money General, and that can only mean good things.

In related news and possible issues, Mr. Carter is awaiting his trial early next year after being pleading guilty this month for his incident in New York over gun possession to see how much time he could face behind bars.  If the rapper is sent up to the big house, it could mean that his Rasta dreads won’t be able to come along with him. 

Recent pictures of rapper Max B show that he’s not as wavy as he used to be before being sent to do his bid.

With an upcoming and potential bid, chances are high that Wayne will go into overdrive to ensure that his fans are left with a taste even once he’s gone.  If his run in 2007 was something incredible, imagine what he is capable of knowing that time is against him now. 

With rumors diffused of a double-disc, Lil Wayne has stated that The Carter IV is in and of itself and will be made just that way.  Birdman also broke news that the album is expected to his December 15.  Rebirth, however, has the same date.

Has Lil Wayne come to the point in his career where he feels he can only challenge himself when it comes to sales?