For better or worse when Irv Gotti speaks the culture listens. In a recent interview he says Cash Money Records is the "greatest label ever."

The Cash Money Records empire is about to get one of their originals back. The half-brother to Baby and Slim has been released from prison after getting hit with a life sentence.

Even with a documentary in the books the entire Birdman story has yet to be told. During a recent interview he explained why he used to kiss Lil Wayne on the lips.

In a recent interview, the music mogul says that the outfit rakes in millions of dollars off its master recordings across its stable of artists.

Filmmaker Benny Boom is well-versed in what it means to find camaraderie by way of shared experiences, even 30 years later. Recently, he celebrated the release of his latest collaborative work Tazmanian Devil with fellow Alpha Phi Alpha member Solomon Onita Jr.

Even though he continues to live his very charmed life Birdman has not forgotten his old stomping grounds. He is helping out his city in the midst of the health crisis.

Even though Brian Williams should be looked at as one of the best music moguls to do it he became a meme legend in 2016. If given the opportunity all over again he would keep the same energy.

Birdman‘s legal woes haven’t gotten much press as of late, but a recent filing made by the Cash Money Records honcho might dredge up some chatter. According to documents filed by the artist born Bryan Williams, he’s aiming to have profits of his Florida recording studio blocked from seizure by a creditor.

Birdman has managed to stay free of legal drama for a few months in the wake of his ongoing ordeal with Lil Wayne, but another person is now laying claim to the Cash Money Records mogul’s fortune. After blowing off a court date, Birdman lost a default judgment and will have to pay a former […]

Birdman is finally smelling the grown-up coffee. The Cash Money Records founder wants to remove all the gangster art from his face.

Drake might want to review his record label paperwork. The number one stunna is saying Cash Money Records and Drizzy are still in this together.

He walked on stage as Toni sang "I Love Me Some Him."