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“I feel good that it was leaked in its entirety, in sequence so people can hear my vision.”

For a man such as Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson to have such ongoing hate since his 2003 debut, it must leave a nice taste for the rapper to know that

Falling victims to the same circumstances as Jay-Z, the New York native has been forced to deal with his upcoming project, Before I Self Destruct, completely leaked almost a month before its actual release date.

Originally slated to be released November 23, the album has been kicked up a week and should now hit shelves on November 16.

Although the album has been released, three bonus tracks are still only available with the actual disc and fans may want to not miss out on the short film or the Jam Master Jay documentary. 

After using his own site to release Fat Joe’s and Triple Cs latest projects, it seems as though karma kicked in and was not in the favor of the rapper.  His endless battles with these other rappers seemed to have actually been promotion for them and another reason for fans to have issues with 50.

Surprisingly enough, however, Jackson doesn’t seem to be too phased by the news and has instead embraced the leak as a sign that his fans are anticipating the return.  No positive response so far has also helped to raise his ego even more.

Catching up with G-Unit Radio, the General came off as having high hopes even with the news of a leak.

“It’ll be out on the 16th. I’m expecting it to do good because of the response that I’ve heard from the web. You know what I mean? It’s obvious they didn’t expect me to write the things that I wrote on the actual record, but, I don’t know why. They’re like ‘This Shyte is fire.’ What are you surprised for, stupid? Even the worst one did 700,000 the first week.”

With a promise to return to the grittiness from Get Rich Or Die’ Tryin, 50 has yet to come short on his words.  Aside from the expected female song “Baby By Me”, Fifty has used songs such as “So Disrespectful” and “Strong Enough” to lay waste to his enemies in the industry.  His song alongside Eminem titled “Psycho” shows that he has yet to lose a step.

The days continue to fall and the release approaches for the return.  The only question is will this album be the return everyone has waited for or will it be the nail in the coffin for his career as a rapper.