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With his “Tity Boi” days behind him, 2 Chainz is quickly becoming one of the most profiled rappers in the game. In light of the news that he, Tyga, and Mac Miller landed the cover of the latest issue of the Source Magazine, the Atlanta native spoke with to give the world a look into his fashion sense.

Known for his love of beanies, sunglasses, and of course chains, when asked to give three words to describe his fashion style, he made sure to be very specific. “Clean, neat and when I say fitted I mean fitted, customized, tailored—not skinny,” he explained. “I like tailored, I have a tailored presence.”

As for where his fashion inspiration comes from, 2 Chainz paid homage to his southern roots. “I’m from the south side of Atlanta, College Park. We’ve always been kind of fashion conscious, this ain’t just start. I got best dressed and all that. I been on Ralph Lauren, I been a Louis [Vuitton] kinda guy, and a Gucci kinda guy. In “Duffle Bag Boy” in ’07, I walked into the Gucci store and told honey I was home, ” he said referencing the song lyric. 2 Chainz also addressed his tendency to choose designer shoes over sneakers like Jordance. “It’s not because I don’t really get into tennis shoes, I just enjoy the perks of having shoes–it may cost $400 or $500–but they tend to last longer to me. Gucci [will] even clean your stuff for you, you know? Stuff like that.”

Seeing as how he recently confirmed signing to Def Jam, if his forthcoming album, T.R.U. Realigion, lives up to the hype, he’ll be able to afford enough Gucci shoes to fill up more than a few duffle bags.

Photo: Roc4Life