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“Somebody call the ambulance.”

It seems as though the war is over and 50 Cent may have won again as it relates to the battle with Rick Ross and Triple Cs.

First week sales projections came in and showed that their collaborative effort is estimated to push under 4,000 copies.  Hits Daily Double, which gives up-to-date sales projections of upcoming albums showed new releases from Michael Jackson, Creed and other albums that dropped on October 27.

In the 50 albums that were listed, Custom Cars & Cycles was nowhere to be found on the list with the lowest top 50 sales coming in at 3,063.

As the site updates every 5 to 10 minutes, this may serve as a major blow to the camp of Ross.

During an interview, 50 Cent was back at his antics and went into full throttle once he was told what the sales would look like around Wednesday.  The rapper broke down on air.

“I need a minute.  This is 50 Cent live on and muthaf**ka sold 4,000 CDs, man.  It’s bad out here…I don’t know what the Fawk is going to happen next.”

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