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It’s been a minute since Kid Cudi sat down for an interview, but as the release date for his WZRD album with Dot Da Genius draws near, the rapper/singer/rocker opened up about the project. Speaking with Red Bull earlier this month, Cudi—who recently dropped 30-second snippets of each track on the album—spoke on the rock record, whose release date was push backed slightly, and acknowledged that the music may turnoff some fans.

“I just went ahead and just wanted to make some Shyte that was for me,” he explained. “I think about the kids very little and think about what I want to make, more than anything.”

Although his fans are the very people that put him in the spotlight, Cudi has been known to have an interesting relationship with the mainstream. “We were working and creating something,” he continued. “We think too much about the consumer and lose our way. And then we become machines and that’s not how it’s supposed to be, at least for me.” Like many of the chances that he has taken in his career, Cudi opted to start a rock band on a fluke. According to Dot, he randomly approached him with the idea one day, and the rest is history. “One day I was at his crib and he was like, ‘Yo, we’re gonna start this rock band,’ and I was like ‘Alright n***a, let’s do it!'”

Even though he seems to be going against the grain the Ohio native doesn’t mind being acknowledged for his work, and if Cudi has his way, this new project will definitely allow him to snag Grammy gold. Having been nominated for six trophies and taking home an award for his feature on Kanye West’s “All of the Lights,” Cudi knows firsthand what it feels like to win. “I think every artist wants a Grammy, no matter what they say. When they say Grammy, I think Michael Jackson. We are really doing something that nobody else is doing, and I can honestly sit here confident and say that, without feeling cocky or over-the-top.”

While he may be the latest MC to dip his toe into the rock ‘n’ roll pool, he’s certainly not the first. Lupe Fiasco has expressed interest in starting a rock band, and after a good year of delays, Lil Wayne’s dropped his rock album Rebirth to relatively little fan fare.

Hip-Hop will find out if Cudi made the right decision with WZRD, when the album drops Feb. 28.

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