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Unless you’ve been living under a rock that lives at the bottom of a pile of rocks, you’ve likely heard the swirling rumors that 43-year-old “Blindfold Me” singer Kelis and 72-year-old Ghostbusters actor Bill Murray are dating. Of all the things that weren’t on anyone’s 2023 Bingo card, Kelis dating a white actor 30 years her senior had to be right up there with Tucker Carlson’s breakup with Fox News.

Still, it’s worth mentioning that neither Kelis nor Murray has come out to confirm or deny that Kelis’ milkshake is bringing the septuagenarian boys to the Caddyshack (if you don’t get any part of that reference, you’re too young to be reading this). However, Kelis did recently address the rumors surrounding her current dating situation.

Well, she kind of addressed it. It’s more like she addressed the idea of addressing it, and even in that, her answer was a non-answer.

As Dlisted reported, Kelis responded to a fan’s inquiry on an Instagram as to whether she plans to “address these Bill Murray allegations,” to which she replied, “lol no babe, I wouldn’t bother at all.”

I mean, to be fair, calling them “Bill Murray allegations” implies that either she or Murray (or both) have been accused of a crime or caught up in a public scandal rather than simply rumored to be dating.

Anyway, as fans continued to urge Kelis to spill the proverbial tea on her situation with the Lost in Translation actor, the “Bossy” singer continued to respond by dancing around the question and feeding the people more snark than answers.

“Lol yeah maybe for now everyone’s dumb and will believe anything but the best part is we are both blessed, rich and happy,” she wrote.

Now, some people might take “everyone’s dumb and will believe anything” to mean rumors about her and Murray are, in fact, only rumors. Then again, if the reports aren’t true, why not just say that if she’s going to bother saying anything at all?

Or maybe Kelis is trying to tell us all to mind our business without telling us to mind our business. 

Not that there’s much chance of that happening. The people need to know: Is Murray getting his groove back, or nah?