Beyoncé has removed an interpolation of a line from Kelis' hit song "Milkshake" from a track off of her recent album, "Renaissance". The move comes after Kelis was highly vocal about being excluded from the song's writing process hours after the album was released, calling it "theft".

Kelis caught wind of Beyoncé sampling one of her older songs for her upcoming album, Renaissance, and feels like she was blindsided.


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Mike Mora, the husband of singer and chef Kelis, has passed away. He was only 37.

While she isn’t atop the charts with her singing career Kelis has created a solid name for herself in the culinary scene. Following her passion has paid off as she just secured a bag with the largest streaming service in the world.

Kelis broke into the music industry on the strength of her connection with the recently-reunited production duo, The Neptunes, but that relationship is now strained. The singer and chef shared in a new interview that she was stiffed out of money due to her from her time with The Neptunes and shared other details of […]

Kelis will not be moving to Colombia with Nasir “Nas” Jones‘ son as originally reported, this after the rapper put up a legal fight to protest the potential move. Instead, the R&B singer and media personality will opt to remain in the United States, Temecula, Calif. to be exact, for the time being.

The bitter child support and custody battle between former couple Nas and Kelis is still raging, this time with the Queensbridge rapper taking the offensive. The artist born Nasir Jones accused his ex-wife of violating their custody agreement after taking their 9-year-old son to Colombia.

While Nas might be one of the greatest wordsmiths to ever live, he would never be accused of being active in today’s world of social media. On Thursday (Sept. 6), the veteran Queens rapper unloaded a seven-post tirade via Instagram blasting his ex-wife Kelis and denying domestic abuse allegations she unveiled earlier this year.

The ongoing saga of Nas and Kelis‘ child support battle rages on, giving outsiders a deeper look into the personal finances of the Queensbridge rapper. Kelis too had to reveal her own financial earnings from last year, earning nearly $1 million from the singer’s business ventures.

Nas continues to fight Kelis over child support dues. Legal papers say even though he is financially stable he spends well over $70,000.00 a month on expenses